Lady Scarlet – Intercultural Exchange – Day 2 (HD) [3 Camera Angles]

Available in both English and German, this second installment of the “Intercultural Exchange” series features the strict and sultry Lady Scarlet. Dressed in seductive blue and black latex with towering high heels, Lady Scarlet continues her dominance over her German slave.

Withheld from release since the previous day, the slave is not only suffering from full balls but also an empty stomach, as Lady Scarlet plans to relieve herself throughout the day. Teasing him with a hint of masturbation, she commands him to show devotion by kissing her buttocks.

Scat BBW

Seated on a specially designed toilet chair, she allows the slave to catch a whiff of her scent, already pungent from lacking a proper cleaning since the previous day. Ordering him to imagine her fingers as her excrement, she commands him to suck them clean before proceeding with her daily ritual.

Mistress Emely

As she relieves herself, the slave is forced to consume her waste, chewing and swallowing as instructed. With a mix of piss and shit, the slave is challenged to finish his task without losing his meal.

Lady Scarlet concludes the session with a handjob, ensuring that the slave’s journey back to Germany will be an uncomfortable one. Filled with both cum and shit, the slave is left with no choice but to swallow his mistress’s waste and endure the discomfort.


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