Give Me Those Digits – Spoiled Princess Araya (HD1080p)

Give Me Those Digits – Spoiled Princess Araya (HD1080p)

Araya is GREEDY, but you already knew that… You paid her $1000 to become her toilet, BUT last minute, she changed her mind! Its gonna cost you $7000! Thats not too much money right? she takes your ATM CARD and holds it above you, dangling it inches from your face… Araya teases you with her asshole and tiny little booty, Sitting over you and letting you enjoy the AROMA OF HER ASSHOLE! You already paid $1000, so hows a few more gonna hurt? All you need to do… is GIVE HER THOSE DIGITS! this video contains SCAT AND FARTING

This video contains scat and farting, with Araya taking pleasure in the sensation of letting out her poop and farting on you. She would grind her buttocks against you and let out a series of loud and smelly farts that filled the air. With each fart, she would laugh and giggle, enjoying the power she had over you.

Diabolic Sigal

Araya’s scat playtime was not for the faint of heart. She loved the sensation of being watched and enjoyed having her poop and farting smeared over her body. As she lay there with her buttocks in the air, she would take pleasure in knowing that she had left her mark on you.

You would often find yourself begging Araya for more scat playtime, as the sensations of her pooping and farting on you felt amazing. She would giggle as she watched you squirm beneath her, and she would often reward you with a few extra digits for your efforts.

Araya’s scat playtime was an experience you would never forget. It was a unique and thrilling experience that you would never experience anywhere else. You had given her those digits, and in turn, she had given you an unforgettable experience.


Mistress Gaia

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