Big Poo, smear, and then I eat it all. With Face Part 1

Big Poo, smear, and then I eat it all. With Face Part 1

I start with my heels and lingerie on, I put a laxitive in my ass, and take a big dump. I play with it, then take off my clothes, and smear it all over my face and body.

The pleasure I felt from having a big poo smeared all over my face and body was unparalleled. I could hardly believe it. I could actually smell the sweet aroma of my own shit wafting up to my nose and it was so arousing. I felt my pussy getting wet as I inhaled deeply, taking in the musky scent of my own waste.

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I started to lick my fingers, tasting the sweet pungency of the poo. I had never tasted anything so delicious in my life. I wanted to savor every bit of it, so I started to spread it all over my body, coating my chest, belly, arms, legs, and even my face. I wanted to eat it all, so I started to lick it off my body, savoring every inch of my own waste.


My tongue explored every crevice and curve of my body, tasting every bit of my poo. I could feel my arousal growing as I tasted more and more of it. I started to moan softly as I lapped it up, feeling an intense pleasure that I had never felt before.

I licked and sucked my poo until I had eaten it all up. I felt incredibly satisfied and incredibly aroused. I had just experienced something so primal, so intense, and so pleasurable. I had entered a new world of pleasure and I never wanted to leave. I had just experienced the ultimate scat sex.


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