Big Poo, smear, and then…. With Face Part 2

Big Poo, smear, and then…. With Face Part 2

I eat it all, and lick the little bits off the floor

The sensation of the warm, smelly poo smearing against my face was unlike anything else I had ever experienced before. I felt my cheeks flush with pleasure as I closed my eyes and savored the sensation, my body trembling with anticipation. I was ready for more.

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I opened my eyes and found myself looking directly into the eyes of my lover. Her expression was one of pure pleasure, her mouth slightly agape as she watched me savor the sensation of the poo smearing against my face. I could tell that she was enjoying it just as much as I was.

My senses were heightened as I felt the warmth of the poo and the stickiness of it as it smeared against my skin. I felt my mouth water and my stomach growl as I realized that I wanted to eat it all. I opened my mouth and leaned forward, savoring the taste of the poo as I licked it off my face. I felt the texture of the poo as it caressed my tongue, and the smell was intense and incredibly arousing.

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I licked and savored the poo, feeling my arousal grow as I felt my body respond to the taste and smell. I felt my body tremble with pleasure as I moved my tongue around the smears, licking and tasting every bit of it. When I had finished, I looked up and saw my lover’s eyes wide with pleasure, her body trembling with excitement.

I stood up and moved to the floor, finding small bits of poo that had stuck to the floor. I eagerly licked up every bit, savoring each morsel as I felt my arousal grow even further. I found myself licking up every bit of poo, both from the floor and from my face, and my body was on fire with pleasure.

When I had finished, I looked up and saw my lover watching me with a satisfied smile on her face. She had enjoyed every minute of it, and I felt my body respond to her pleasure. I smiled back at her, feeling incredibly aroused and satisfied. We had just explored a new level of scat sex that neither of us had ever experienced before. We had gone beyond poo smearing and into something greater, something that was incredibly erotic and satisfying. We had just experienced something truly extraordinary.


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Quick asshole shot of my goodies coming out

Quick asshole shot of my goodies coming out

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