The Master’s Submissive Human Toilet: 242 Norway Toilet’s Submission

242 Norway Toilet – Swallow all my shit and pee

My new slave from Norway had arrived to serve me two days ago. He was a tall and strong specimen, the perfect candidate for the task I had in mind. I was going to reduce him to a human toilet, and I knew my excretions would be especially nasty today. I had not used the toilet in two days, and I had eaten a great deal of fish, so I knew my shit was going to smell especially putrid.

I ordered him to open his mouth, and he complied without hesitation. I released a huge turd into his open mouth, and he swallowed it without protest. I was pleased, and I rewarded him with a drink of my piss. He gulped it down obediently, much to my satisfaction.

Smelly Milana

He had eaten all of it, of course, and now he was kneeling at my feet, awaiting further orders. I was pleased with his devotion and obedience, and I rewarded him with a light pat on the head. I knew that he was becoming accustomed to my ways, and I was pleased.

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For the remainder of the day, I used him as a toilet, taking full advantage of his willingness to accept my excretions without complaint. I was careful to ensure that he was comfortable and to take good care of him, and I often rewarded him with a treat or compliment. He seemed to appreciate it, and he thanked me with a smile each time.

By the time I was done with him, he was exhausted but content. I praised him for his service, and I thanked him for his devotion. I knew he would make a fine human toilet, and I looked forward to using him in the future. His submission had given me great pleasure, and I was eager to experience it again.


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