Caught in the Act! Peeping Tom’s Surprise – Part 2

Peeping Tom Caught In The Act! – P 2

The bathroom was filled with the scent of warm urine and human waste. She had been in there for what seemed like an eternity, taking her sweet time relieving herself. She felt every single drop of her hot piss as it streamed out of her and into the toilet bowl.

But then something strange happened. She heard a faint groaning noise coming from underneath her. It almost sounded like someone was enjoying her waste! She knew she had to investigate, so she hastily pulled up her panties and slowly opened the bathroom door.

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To her surprise, she found a man crouched in the corner, his eyes wide as he watched her pee and then slowly push down her long brown logs into the poop hole. She was mortified, but before she could scream he jumped up and ran away.

Now she was left with the task of figuring out what to do about this peeping tom. She knew she should report him to the authorities, but something inside her wanted to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to teach him a lesson about respecting other people’s privacy.

After a few moments of contemplation, she hatched a plan. She would turn this peeping tom experience into something far more pleasurable and memorable. She would let him watch her while she indulged in her favorite fetish – scat sex.

The next day she called him up and invited him to her house. She told him he could come over if he promised not to run away this time. When he arrived, she could tell he was nervous, but she was determined to show him a good time.

She led him to the bathroom and told him to sit down in the corner. She then proceeded to stand over the toilet and started to release her hot, steaming scat into the bowl. As she watched her waste pile up, she could feel her arousal increasing.

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She then started to play around with her waste, smearing it on her body and rubbing it all over her pussy. She could hear the man in the corner groaning with pleasure as he watched her indulge in her scat fantasies.

Finally, when she was done, she asked him to come closer. She wanted to show him that scat sex could be a beautiful and sensual experience. He hesitantly walked over to her and she took his hand and placed it over her body. She then guided his hand over her waste, letting him feel the warmth and texture of her scat.

He was amazed. He had never felt anything like it before. He thanked her for showing him the beauty of scat sex and she thanked him for being brave enough to stay and watch her indulge in her fantasies.

From that day on, they met up regularly to enjoy scat sex together. He had learned his lesson and she had proven that scat sex could be an incredibly intimate and pleasurable experience.

They were both in awe of the power of scat sex and how it had brought them closer together. They would often talk about their experiences and share stories of their most intense scat sessions.

They had both learned a valuable lesson that day – that scat sex can be a powerful and intimate experience, if you let it.


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