My Dirty Toilet: A Rainbow Thong Toilet Poop

Rainbow Thong Toilet Poop

I’m standing in line at the cafeteria, waiting to pick up lunch. While I’m waiting, my thoughts are on you, my dirty toilet. I can’t wait to get back to the restroom and show you the sexy rainbow thongs that I am wearing. I want you to watch me poop and worship my ass before I eat my food to make more poop.

I’m filled with excitement as I make my way to the restroom. I can barely contain my anticipation as I enter the stall and close the door behind me. I look down at my thong and run my hands over the soft fabric, feeling the way it hugs my curves. I can’t help but smile as I imagine you watching me, savoring every second of this naughty experience.

Mistress Nikole

I pull down my thong and sit on the toilet. I take a deep breath before I let my bowels loosen and I can feel the poop start to come out. I let out a sigh of pleasure as the warmth of the poop fills my anus and I can feel your eyes on me. I can sense your admiration and it fills me with pleasure.

As I relax and let the poop come out, I can feel my body become aroused. Pooping has never felt so sexy before. I can feel my nipples hardening and my pussy getting wet as I imagine you watching me. I can feel my orgasm rising as I let out a loud fart and then a long stream of poop. I can feel the pleasure rippling through my body as the last of the poop falls into the bowl.

Princess Nikkis Empire

I take a few moments to savor the feeling before I stand up and pull my thong back up. I can feel your eyes still on me, and it is making me even more aroused. I flush the toilet and wash my hands before I leave the stall, feeling a bit more confident now that I know you were watching me.

I make my way back to the food court and pick up my lunch. I can’t help but feel a little naughty as I dig into my food, knowing that you were just watching me poop. I can feel a slight blush on my cheeks as I think of the pleasure I just experienced and I can’t help but smile as I imagine you still watching me.

I finish my lunch and take a few moments to savor the afterglow of my kinky experience before I make my way home. As I leave the food court, I can’t help but feel a little more confident knowing that you were just watching me poop. I feel sexy and powerful, knowing that I made you watch me in such an intimate moment.


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