The Princess’s Royal Shitting: Three Slaves in an Erotic Feast of Poop

An Erotic Tale of Scat Sex and Submission

Princess Nikki had a special treat for her three slaves a royal shitting. She had them kneel before her, their hungry mouths open and ready to receive her gift. She let go of a thick stream of poop, which plopped into the first slave‘s mouth. He swallowed it eagerly, and then the second slave followed suit. They both looked up to her with adoration, their faces filled with a mixture of pleasure and disgust.

Nikki then pooped directly into the third slave‘s mouth. He gulped it down, his eyes wide with shock. Nikki smiled wickedly, her eyes twinkling with delight. She had enough for each of them, and they all ended up satisfied with her scat sex gift. The slaves thanked her with their tongues, licking and slurping the remains of her royal shitting. It was an erotic feast that none of them would soon forget.

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