Filling My Beige Silky Panty With Hot Shits

Erotic Desires for Scat Sex

I want to give you the pleasure of my scat right now! I am standing here wearing nothing but a pair of silky, beige panties and thinking of you, right underneath my sexy ass. My pussy is so aroused and wet with anticipation waiting to poop in my panty. My silky panties expand and swell with my hot, precious load. When I am nearly done, I pull my panty to the side and show you what just came out of my ass. I fill my sexy panty up some more with my urine and scat, making a delicious mess for you to enjoy. I take off my soiled panty and present you my hot shit. I love filling up my sexy panty with my hot shits for you to get aroused, touched, worn, and licked clean!


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