The Nectar of Goddess Creamy Turds

Goddess Creamy Turds

He couldn’t believe his luck; he had been granted the opportunity to witness the most divine sight of all – the goddess’s creamy turds. He stood in her bathroom, trembling with anticipation as he watched her pull down her panties and squat over the toilet.

She looked back at him with a mischievous glint in her eye and said, “Come here, I want you to watch while I shit. You need all that comes from my asshole.”

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He obeyed her command and moved closer, his heart racing in anticipation. He watched in awe as she expelled her creamy turds from her tight asshole. He felt a strange urge to kneel down and worship her turds as she scooped them out of the toilet bowl for him to get a better look.

He couldn’t help but feel a strange connection to her. He felt drawn to the scent of her turds and the sight of them laying in the toilet bowl. He wanted to eat them, to savor their flavor and feel the texture of them on his tongue.

He glanced up at her and saw a knowing smile on her face. She knew what he was thinking and she wanted him to do it. She wanted him to savor her turds, to consume them like a loyal servant.

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He kneeled down in front of the toilet and reached in. His hands were shaking as he grabbed the warm turds and brought them up to his face. He buried his face in them, inhaling their aroma and savoring the taste of them on his tongue.

The goddess watched with a satisfied smile as he ate her turds. When he was finished, she leaned down and kissed him. He felt her hot breath on his face as she whispered, “You’ve become a true devotee of mine. You will always remember the taste of my turds and the power I have over you.”

He smiled and nodded in agreement. He knew that he would never forget the taste of her turds. They would be forever etched in his memory, a reminder of the power she wielded over him. From that day forward, he was her loyal devotee, and she was his Goddess of Creamy Turds.


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