Drenching Myself in Diarrhea, the Kinkiest of Erotic Play

Cover myself in diarrhea and play

The thought of covering myself in diarrhea and playing had always been a source of immense arousal for me. It was something I had never been able to explore until recently, but when I did, it opened up an entirely new world of erotic pleasure.

Scat sex, as I had come to learn, was a type of fetish play involving the exchange of feces. It could involve a variety of activities, from simply watching someone poop in a bowl, to actually consuming feces. But for me, the most exciting aspect of it was the idea of covering my body in someone else’s poop.

I had heard about a couple who enjoyed this type of play, and when I expressed interest in trying it, they were more than happy to help me out. We gathered together in a hotel room and they showed me how to properly prepare for the experience.

They had me strip down to my underwear, and then they spread a bed sheet out on the floor. They then instructed me to lay down on the sheet, and they proceeded to pour warm water over my body, followed by a generous helping of diarrhea.

The feeling of the warm liquid running over my skin was both exhilarating and repulsive at the same time. I felt an intense rush of pleasure as it coursed through my veins, and then my skin began to tingle with anticipation. Once the liquid had been fully distributed, my body was thoroughly coated in a thick layer of poop.

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After that, they proceeded to play with me, taking turns licking and teasing my body with their tongues. I felt my arousal growing as they licked and sucked on my skin, and I was soon overcome with an intense orgasm.

Once I had been thoroughly pleasured, they then proceeded to cover my hair and body in more diarrhea. I felt a strange mix of pleasure and revulsion as I felt the warm liquid coursing through my hair and over my body. Once I was completely covered, I finally felt ready to play.

The couple then took turns feeding me pieces of steaming hot diarrhea, and I found myself savoring the taste and texture of it in my mouth. Finally, I lay there in a pool of my own feces, feeling completely satisfied and incredibly aroused. We eventually cleaned up, and I left feeling like I had just had the most amazing erotic experience of my life.

Scat sex had opened up a new world of pleasure for me, and I was excited to explore more of it in the future. I had discovered a new way to experience intense arousal and satisfaction, and I knew that this type of play would be a part of my life forever.


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