A Slave’s Devotion to Swallowing Fat Turds

Fat Dose For Slave

The smell of the toilet was unmistakable as the slave stepped into the room. His master stood by the toilet, a wicked look in his eyes. He motioned for the slave to come closer, and the slave complied without hesitation. He knelt before his master, awaiting further instruction.

His master smiled as he spoke. “You have been a good slave and I have decided to reward you. You will swallow my fat turds. Do you understand?”

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The slave nodded, feeling a rush of arousal as the words echoed in his mind. He knew that this was a task that he must fulfill if he wanted to remain in his master’s good graces. He watched as his master stepped out of his clothes and squatted over the toilet bowl.

At first, nothing happened. Then, with a loud plop, the first turd emerged from his master’s anus. It was a fat, long turd that seemed to go on forever. The slave felt his heart racing with anticipation as he watched the turd slowly descend into the toilet bowl.

His master then wiped himself, and motioned for the slave to come closer. He knelt before the toilet bowl, his mouth open and ready for his master’s command. The master then took the turd in his fingers and placed it directly into the slave’s mouth.

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The slave gagged slightly as the turd touched his tongue, but he quickly got used to the taste and texture of the turd. He then proceeded to swallow the turd, savoring the taste and feeling of the warm turd sliding down his throat.

His master then repeated the process until all of the turds had been eaten by the slave. His master then looked down at the slave with a satisfied smile.

“You have done well, my slave. You have proven your loyalty and devotion to me. Now, I know that I can trust you and rely on you to fulfill any task I give you.”

The slave smiled in response and thanked his master for the opportunity to serve him. From that day forward, the slave was devoted to his master and eager to fulfill any task that his master gave him. He knew that no matter what happened, he always had a place in his master’s heart.


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