Miyoshi Poop Before Swim

Miyoshi Poop Before Swim

Stripping off swimsuit and taking a big poop!

Miyoshi had always been a curious person in life. She had a deep interest in exploring her own sexuality and was always drawn to taboo and kinky acts. During a particularly daring night out with her friends, she was dared to try a new kind of fetish. She had heard about scat sex but never thought that she would be brave enough to try it. She was curious and excited, so she decided to take the plunge and explore her own desires.

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Miyoshi arrived at the place she had heard about, a secluded pool where people go to explore their own sexual fetishes. As she walked in, she felt a rush of excitement and fear. She stripped down to her swimsuit and took a deep breath. She was ready to take her first step into the world of scat sex.

Miyoshi had heard that it was customary to poop before swimming, so she decided to do just that. She squatted down and allowed her body to relax. She felt the warmth of her own waste as it exited her body, and a wave of pleasure and relief washed over her. She felt a sense of accomplishment and pride, and she knew that she had taken the first step into a world of erotic exploration.

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After she was finished, Miyoshi went for a swim in the pool. She felt the cool water caressing her skin, and the sense of peace and relaxation that came with it. She felt a new level of freedom and confidence, and she knew that she had made the right decision.

Miyoshi continued to explore scat sex, and as she did so, she felt herself becoming more and more confident in her own skin. She found that she could be more open and daring with her sexual desires, and that she could express herself in more ways than she ever thought possible. Miyoshi had found her own private paradise, and she embraced it with open arms.

Miyoshi had discovered the fetish of pooping before swimming, and it changed her life forever. She felt liberated and empowered, and she had found a new level of confidence in herself and her own sexuality. Scat sex gave her the freedom to explore her own desires without judgement or fear, and it opened up a world of erotic exploration that she never knew existed.


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