Taco Shits – Bossy Leah (HD1080p)

Taco Shits – Bossy Leah (HD1080p)

Bossy Leah LOVES to eat fast food, the only problem is it makes her SHIT LIKE CRAZY, not to mention the lethal farts she produces! In this video she SMOTHERS Jimmys face under her ass for her entire show, eating and drinking while she FARTS UP HIS NOSE! The video ends with her taking TWO GREASY BRUTAL SHITS all over his face and right INTO HIS MOUTH!

Leah had always had a penchant for fast food. As far back as she could remember, it was her favorite type of meal. But as delicious as it was, it came with a price. Every time she ate it, she was sure to have a nasty case of explosive diarrhea afterwards. And with it, came the unbearable stench of her lethal farts.

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But Leah didn’t care. She loved the feeling of being full and satisfied after a big meal of tacos, burritos, and other greasy favorites. And she knew that someone had to suffer the consequences of her gluttony.

So one day, Leah decided to take it one step further. She invited her friend Jimmy over to her house, and told him she had a special surprise for him. When he arrived, he found Leah wearing nothing but her underwear and a mischievous grin. She proceeded to get up on her bed and smother his face with her ass, while she ate and drank her way through an entire meal of tacos.

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The entire time, Leah farted right in Jimmy’s face, and he had to endure the smell and taste of her gaseous emissions. But Jimmy had no idea what was coming next.

When Leah was done gorging herself, she turned around and faced Jimmy. And then, she proceeded to take two greasy and brutal shits right on his face. The first one went straight into his mouth, while the second one ran down his face, staining it with her feces.

Jimmy was humiliated and disgusted, but Leah couldn’t help but chuckle at his reaction. She loved the feeling of being in control and having someone else suffer for her indulgences. From that day forward, Leah and Jimmy had a strange and twisted relationship that revolved around Leah’s scat fetish.


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